Shipping Information

Shipping chocolates can be tricky. That’s why we take all the precautionary measures we can to be sure your package arrives safe, sound and delicious. We typically ship earlier in the week in order to prevent packages from being in transit (heaven forbid in a warm location!) over the weekend. If there is unusually warm weather in either the origin or destination, we may hold the package until it’s safe to ship. We will notify you via the email used in your transaction if we hold your order for more than a couple of days. We nearly always ship with gel ice packs as a precautionary measure. Open your package when it arrives and remove the ice pack in order to prevent condensation.

All of our products are made by hand and we do make everything “to-order”. Allow a day or two for us to create your goodies. We are only in production from Monday-Friday. If you need your package to arrive by a specific date, please select the expedited shipping option and contact us to be sure we can get it there in time.

Please note that our guaranteed delivery timelines do not take unexpected weather delays into consideration, and weather delays may affect ship dates and arrival dates. If you have any questions about shipping your package, please call us at 805.637.6985.

We do not ship internationally.