4 Piece Truffle Box

$ 9.45

Choose one of the following...

4 piece dark chocolate truffles contains: 1 classic dark chocolate, 1 dark chocolate hazelnut, 1 dark chocolate orange ginger, 1 dark chocolate coffee

4 piece milk chocolate truffles contains: milk chocolate honey almond, milk chocolate coffee, milk chocolate cinnamon apple, milk chocolate madras curry

4 piece white chocolate truffles contains: white chocolate meyer lemon, white chocolate green tea, white chocolate coffee, white chocolate coconut

4 piece assorted chocolate truffles contains: 1 white chocolate meyer lemon, 1 dark chocolate orange-ginger, 1 milk chocolate atar anise & thyme, 1 white chocolate passion fruit

4 spicy chile chocolate truffles contains: 1 dark chocolate chipotle, 1 dark chocolate cayenne & white pepper, 1 dark chocolate habanero, 1 dark chocolate ancho chile & cumin